On a Harley through Argentina!

About my motorcycle tour in Argentina, in October 2014.

It was a great tour from Buenos Aires via Junin, San Luis, across the Andes to Valparaiso and then back via Mendoza, San Rafael and Realico. I covered a total of about 2125 miles.
In the middle of nowhere I experienced a mechanical breakdown. I was fortunate to spent the night at a police station, while I was waiting for the owner to arrive the next morning. He arrived at about 9:30 and within 10 minutes he replaced a small electronic part (which kept the motor from stalling while shifting in 1st gear). Beside of that everything worked well for the entire route. I was very happy with the motorcycle, a Harley Davidson Road King, as well as with the rental stations service. I think this bike was the best choice. Although I had to get used to the weight and the turning radius in the cities, it was the right bike because of its low height and weight, especially for the long distances (2 x 750 miles through the Pampas, with extreme side wind, etc.).

Another adventure: I was bit in the leg by a “wild” dog during riding. Lucky I was vaccinated for tetanus and rabies (this is highly recommended, because it happens quite often, that so called “wild” dogs attack everything that moves, like cars or motorcycles).

A recommendation for accommodation: I never pre-booked accommodation, because I never knew how far I will ride and when I actually will arrive. Therefore I searched the internet for hotels a day prior. That helped a lot to find the accommodation, using GPS, if needed. I’d say, in this not very touristy area you always will find a room, if you know where. There are not that many hotels.
It was a great trip especially because of Valparaiso and crossing the Andes and it was a great rental station and a great motorcycle (the bike was delivered to the hotel). I recommend this tour to anyone – riding a Harley!

All in all …… a great tour!



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